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Air/Oil Separator Model 600-WP

Air/Oil Separator Model 600-WP

Product Information
The Model 600-WP separates the high pressure air from the engine oil flowing between the wet vacuum pump and the engine oil system. The unique separation in this unit manages not only a liquid and a gas, but 2 pressures, one 46 times greater than the other.

M-20 Ultra Air/Oil Separators remove the oil mist from the crankcase breather air, return the oil to the engine, and vent the water vapor with the oil-free, clean air. This leaves the belly shiny and clean, keeps the oil in the engine and prevents the build-up of sludge and corrosion factors, typical of other designs.

An exclusive benefit is that the M-20 Separators allow you to fly with the engine’s designed full volume of oil, without blowing away the top two quarts.

Your engine gains from the maximum cooling, cleaning and lubrication from the full volume of oil.

Models are available for in-line installation or bulkhead mounting on all 1,600 certified makes and models of fixed and rotary wing aircraft from 45 hp to 950 hp. (See Model descriptions.)

The small size (2" X 5" for the Model 300 Series and 2.25" X 5" for the Model 400 Series) and choice of oil return position (-B models are reverse of standard) make for easy installation.

For wet vacuum pumps, a second separator of vastly different internal design is required to vent the high pressure air (46 times greater than desired crankcase pressure) while capturing the oil for low pressure return to the engine.

Superb engineering, unmatched performance, non-corrosive aluminum, leak-proof welded construction and small size make these air/oil separators the outstanding choice for all piston-powered aircraft, certified or experimental.

Price: $674.14

Product Code: Model 600-WP
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